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Develop & Manufacture with Confidence

As manufacturing experts, we take responsibility for every detail that goes into your final product. We are on standby to ready to integrate your ideas into the ideal solution.


Whether you already have a design and recipes or you are starting with a fresh brand idea, we leverage our expertise and walk you through the entire process:


Our design team works with you during live sessions to create the perfect logos and product packaging that focuses on your target customer base.


All relevant fulfillment activities are executed in a cleanroom under the supervision of an experienced medical device quality & validations engineer.


Our chemists provide guidance and verification via testing to create a recipe that is both safe and effective, complete with your favorite flavors & scents.

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The cleanroom is certified for food-grade production and is located in our FDA-registered facility. All employees are equipped to eliminate contamination.

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Fully tested

Rest-easy knowing that all product batches are made with full lot trace-ability and third-party tested to ensure that they exceed your advertised potency levels.


Your Success... Is our Success.

With our supply-chain solutions and finished goods in hand, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied and ready to devote your resources toward marketing success. Fill out the form below to get started!

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